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martedì 2 dicembre 2014

Kate Bush ~ The Red Shoes (1993)

| Kate Bush | The Red Shoes | 1993 EMI |

The Red Shoes is the seventh studio album by the British musician Kate Bush. Released in November 1993, it was accompanied by Bush's short film, The Line, the Cross and the Curve, and was her last album before taking a 12-year hiatus. The album peaked at no.2 in the UK album chart and has been certified Platinum by the BPI for over 300,000 copies sold. In the US, the album reached #28, her highest chart position there to date. The album has sold around 2 million copies worldwide.

Audio CD (November 2, 1993)
Original Release Date: November 2, 1993
Studio album by Kate Bush
Producer Kate Bush
Genre: Alternative rock, Art rock, Pop rock
Label: EMI

Producer Kate Bush
© EMI Records Ltd. UK

Track listing:

Side one 

1. "Rubberband Girl" 4:42
Released: 6 September 1993

2. "And So Is Love" 4:16
Released: 7 November 1994
Guitar: Eric Clapton

3. "Eat the Music" 5:08
Released: 7 September 1993
Valiha, Guitar (Kabossy), Vocals: Justin Vali

4. "Moments of Pleasure" 5:16
Released: 15 November 1993
Electric Piano (Fender Rhodes): Kate Bush

5. "The Song of Solomon" 4:27
Percussion: Charlie Morgan

6. "Lily" 3:51 
Flute (Fujara), Singing Bowls: Paddy Bush
Narrator: Lily Cornford

Side two

7. "The Red Shoes" 4:00
Released: 5 April 1994
Bass: Gaumont D'Olivera
Mandolin (Mandola), Whistle, Strings (Musical Bow): Paddy Bush
Valiha: Justin Vali
Vocals: Colin Lloyd-Tucker

8. "Top of the City" 4:14
Electric Piano (Fender Rhodes): Kate Bush
Violin, Viola: Nigel Kennedy

9. "Constellation of the Heart" 4:46
Vocals: Colin Lloyd-Tucker, Paddy Bush

10. "Big Stripey Lie" 3:32
Drums, Percussion, Effects: Gaumont D'Olivera
Guitar, Bass: Kate Bush
Violin: Nigel Kennedy

11. "Why Should I Love You?" 5:00
Arranged by Kate Bush, Prince
Keyboards, Guitar, Bass, Vocals: Prince
Vocals: Lenny Henry

12. "You're the One" 5:52
Electric Piano (Fender Rhodes): Kate Bush
Guitar: Jeff Beck

Total Length: 55:30
| DDD | Audio CD | CBR 320 Kbps/48.1 kHz/Stereo |
| File Size: 220 mb. | Pass: kate |

Kate Bush ~ The Red Shoes

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Recorded At Abbey Road Studios

Jeff Beck: Guitar
Haydn Bendall: Engineer
Gary Brooker: Hammond Organ
Kate Bush: Bass, Guitar, Piano, Arranger, Composer, Keyboards, vocals, Producer, Fender Rhodes
Paddy Bush: Vocals, Whistle (Human), Whistle (Instrument), Mandola, Valiha, singing bowls, Fujara flute, musical bow
Eric Clapton: Guitar
Ian Cooper: Mastering
Gaumont d'Oliver: Bass, Percussion, drums, Sound Effects
Stuart Elliott: Percussion, Drums
John Giblin: Bass
Lenny Henry: Vocals
Nigel Hitchcock: Baritone & Tenor Saxophones
Michael Kamen: Orchestration
Nigel Kennedy: Violin, Viola
Lily: Narrator
Danny McIntosh: Guitar
Charlie Morgan: Percussion
Del Palmer: Fairlight, Engineer, Mixing
Prince: Bass, Guitar, Arranger, Keyboards, Vocals
J. Neil Sidwell: Trombone
Steve Sidwell: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Paul Spong: Trumpet
Trio Bulgarka: Vocals
Colin Lloyd Tucker: Vocals
Justin Vali: Vocals, Valiha, Kabosy

The Red Shoes was inspired by the 1948 film of the same name by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, which itself was inspired by the fairy tale of the same name by Hans Christian Andersen. It concerns a dancer, possessed by her art, who cannot take off the eponymous shoes and find peace.
Bush had suggested she would tour for The Red Shoes and deliberately aimed for a "live band" feel, with less of the studio trickery that had typified her last three albums (which would be difficult to recreate on stage). However the tour never materialised.

This was a troubled time for Bush, who had suffered a series of bereavements including the loss of her favoured guitarist, Alan Murphy, and, most painfully, her mother, Hannah, who died shortly after the album's release. Bush's long-term relationship with bassist Del Palmer had also ended, although the pair continued to work together. Many of the people she lost are honoured on the ballad, "Moments Of Pleasure", as well as director Michael Powell, with whom she had discussed working shortly before his death in 1990. Composer and conductor Michael Kamen contributed a score for the song.

Most notably, The Red Shoes featured many more high-profile cameo appearances than her previous efforts. Comedian Lenny Henry provided guest vocals on "Why Should I Love You?", a track that also featured significant contributions from Prince. "And So Is Love" features guitar work by Eric Clapton, and Gary Brooker (from the band Procol Harum), Trevor Whittaker, and Jeff Beck also collaborated. 
A short film, The Line, the Cross & the Curve, written and directed by Bush, and starring herself and English actress Miranda Richardson was released the same year. It featured six songs from the album: "Rubberband Girl", "And So Is Love", "The Red Shoes", "Moments of Pleasure", "Eat The Music", and "Lily". The first five were used as promo videos for the singles, though Bush recorded a separate video for the American release of "Rubberband Girl" (though this video is intercut with clips from The Line, the Cross and the Curve).

The Red Shoes (1948)

℗ 1993 The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Novercia Ltd. and is exclusively licensed to EMI records Ltd. 
© 1993 Novercia Ltd.
All titles published by Kate Bush Music Ltd.

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